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General principles of conduct

Within Holland Controls general principles are determined to execute best practices with her context. By this policy we want to define a business philosophy for our own personnel and to assist within the boundaries of our influence in a future for the next generation. This means that:

  • Promote a healthy way of life to all personnel;
  • That we have respect for every religion, age and race;
  • Respectful behavior to any person contacted;
  • Child labour is not accepted;
  • Human rights have to be respected;
  • Slavery in any kind of form is not allowed;
  • Labour rights have to be respected;
  • Environmental impact has to be reduced to a minimum;
  • Bribary is not accepted;
  • There is zero tolerance on alcohol and drugs;

These principles are actively communicated with personnel and detailed in specific policies based on general or international standard which are used as a reference.

Contact us for the detailed policies.

General principles of conduct published on 31 May 2018